Cooke County Library

Has your dinner ever ran away from your plate? Ours did today when we read “The Runaway Dinner.” For dessert we helped Ms. Kim bake a cake and read “Bunny Cakes.” This book was chosen because it is part of JumpStarts Read For the Record 2014. Celebrate literacy and Pledge to read today!

Fall is here! We talked about owls today. For our craft we decorated pumpkins to look like owls.

On Saturday we celebrated Star Wars Reads day. We learned about Star Wars characters and then using a little science we saved them from the ice and mud. We made a Yoda shape character to take home along with a lot of Star Wars goodies!

Our guest, Angel Neu read a book about vegetables today. We learned what grows above the ground and what grows below. Then we drew pictures of vegetables in a garden.

In our children’s class today Kim and Lydia shared books about manners. We learned what happens when you mix the primary colors. The we each got one paint color to share with our friends so we could create colorful artwork.

In observance of elephant appreciation day, we learned about elephants this morning. We made elephant toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide, soap, yeast and water. It was awesome! Then we made floppy elephant hats. Thank you Lydia for reading today!

Ahoy, landlubbers! We learned how to talk like a pirate today with Captain Kim. We used a treasure map to find the hidden treasure. Along the way we read about pirates, made a pirate hook, learned the pirate ABC’S and learned that some objects sink while others float. Happy talk like a pirate day lads and lassies!

This morning our children’s class learned about monkeys! They practiced counting monkeys and sang about monkeys jumping on the bed. Then they drew silly monkey faces.

In observance of grandparent’s day, we held a children’s class on Tuesday, 9/9/14. The leach family visited and brought their Grandma Stanley to read to us. Since grandma’s often bake apple pies we ate spiral apples for a treat.

ABCDEFG….We had an alphabet party at our children’s class today. We sang the ABC’s and made an alphabet tree.

We learned about nutrition at our children’s class today. Jen and Heather from Outreach Health Services read about fruits and vegetables. Then we guessed what fruit was in the mystery boxes

Local children’s author, Jennifer Rodgers shared her book, Super Cooper today. We learned about safety atthe park and the beach. We made dog puppets to take home.

Our children’s class had a special visitor today! Pat Crawford brought her therapy dog, Turbo. Turbo listened to stories with us. We sang to him and colored a picture of our dream dog.

Yesterday, 8/5/14, we had a children’s class on fish and pond life. Ms. Jennifer read about what lives in and around a pond. We went fishing and got to hold real cat-tails. Thank you to Miss Sadhvika for planning our fish craft. It was fun!

Hop, hop, hop! Thank you Miss Sadhvika for joining us today. We loved getting to pet real bunny rabbits. We read and made our own bunny craft to take home.